About Us is an innovative boutique Hosting Business offering premium, business-class, Hosting. My name is Michael and I am the owner of I have been administering hosting servers since 1997, yes I do NOT resell someone elses servers, I run our own Hosting Servers. We offer faster page loads, less time spent on spam blacklists and expert advice compared to the major Hosting companies.

hooray2019 marks 22 years hosting websites on the internet!

Faster Page Loads

Faster page loads are important. Firstly Google gives importance to speed of page load in its indexing. So the faster your page speed the higher you'll be listed. Secondly, people hate waiting for a website to load - if it takes too long they just go elsewhere. Surprisingly people can become bored of waiting after as little as 5 seconds.

All Hosting Accounts are Business Class Hosting Accounts. We use an IBM Data Centre, Enterprise grade hardware and software. Lightly loaded servers to serve pages with lightening speed (notice how fast our pages load). If your website is important then you have come to the right place for Hosting!


We have been using CloudLinux since Feb 2013.

CloudLinux results in a faster more secure website. Don't get Hosting without it!

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