Biggest Mistake in Hosting

Date published: 2013-11-01

The biggest mistake hosting clients make is one of... apathy.

All other mistakes emanate from this one fatal flaw.

Firstly the website owner knows nothing about the internet and sits down and hires a web designer. You would buy a car if you knew nothing about cars right... of cause not! Website owners base the hire decision on "Can you build a website that looks like everyone elses?". Did you know that 99% of websites are poor quality. So when someone gets a website like everyone else's, they are buying a dud.

Anyone remember FLASH. Five years ago everyone had a website made with flash. It was the epiphany of good web design.. well actually it was simply bad design, but everyone wanted a flash website. You can't find a flash website now.

If you are too apathetic to find out what makes a good website and think critically about what you discover... you deserve the website you get.

Managing email is another great victim of apathy. Email is cheap and reliable and yet... for most people it is totally unreliable. Most people couldn't be bothered to learn how to use email and end up with tons of spam. They put in spam filters and their email becomes totally unreliable. The crazy thing is that they neveraccept that they stuffed it up. When important emails go missing they just say "oh well".

This apathy results in a big cost - the cost of lost opportunity. The internet can be your cheapest way of gaining new clients and communicating with clients - and most people simply waste that opportunity.

If you want to take advantage of the internet, leave the apathy at home. There is plenty of opportunity for you to take the customers that everyone else couldn't be bothered addressing.

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