All About Hosting Space

Date published: 2013-11-01

How much hosting space do you need?

    Let's throw some figures around :
  • 50mb of space will hold 900 emails of various types.
  • this website takes up around 15mb.
  • A typical Wordpress website would use less than 50mb
  • Quick.cms takes less than 1mb
  • OpenCart uses less than 20mb
  • Magento ecommerce uses less than 80mb

So why do Hosting companies offer 10gb of space?

Simple because buyers simply have no idea how to compare Hosting businesses - they do it on numbers. They work out the cost per mb of space and buy the cheapest.

So what happens to all that space you bought but will never use? Actually its sold to someone else, over and over again. How's that for funny!

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