5 reasons to use Thunderbird

Date published: 2013-09-01

  1. Ability to backup - Using MozBackup you can instantly replicate your Thunderbird email client. Until your PC crashes you don't realise how important backups can be. Thunderbird can be instantly restored from your latest backup with all your emails, accounts and passwords fully functional. When your computer crashes restoring all your data becomes a logistical nightmare, but at least your email is up and running in only a couple of minutes.
  2. Adaptive junk filter - we don't believe in filtering junk at the Server level - it's just one of those crazy ideas that everyone picks up on. It's much better to collect all your email and have Thunderbird separate the junk out. Answer your non-junk emails first then check your junk emails for errors. You'll never lose an important email again.
  3. Identities - the great thing about identities is that you can have all your email forwarded into the one box. Collect from that one box and then send out replies with whatever identity you choose. Fantastic time saver for a busy business person.
  4. Great Security - you can use TLS or SSL to protect your passwords while sending or collecting email. Protect your password with a master password. You can even encrypt your emails with PGP if your message is top secret.
  5. Emails are offline - beats webmail because your emails can be read and composed offline. When your online it just takes seconds to send and receive.

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