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I learnt a lot from dealing with you, I trust you and most of all, you are the best in the industry!

Once again you have been very helpful.

BTW if you can guide a 61 yr old tech illiterate through this you can guide anyone!
Good Job Michael!
I wish others had a support guy like you.

Thank you Michael - your patience if legendary with people like me.

Great advice Michael. Shall look things over and discuss with the wife what she wants to do from here.
Good to see old fashioned service still thrives.

Many thanks Michael.
It has been an intensive but very useful exercise setting up the new web site.

Thanks Michael - you rock!

Again, your assistance is awesome and over the last 4 years you have been great.
A very happy customer.

Wow - thanks for the quick response!

I am so peeved with their service, and impressed by yours, that I would like to transfer it to you as well, if that is possible.

Thanks Michael. Would just like to pass on our thanks, your service has been fantastic.

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