Why Choose Us

In a nutshell, we offer you better quality hosting at a comparable price to big-brand hosting companies. In the long run, we offer better prices because we don't encourage you to keep upgrading your hosting. With a cheaper hosting provider you'll often be paying double or triple what you initially started out paying. We work on keeping your hosting and domain registration costs down. is an innovative boutique Hosting Business offering premium Business-Class Website and Email Hosting as well as Domain Registration. We run our own Hosting Servers, we do not resell hosting space managed by someone else. Our Servers offer you faster page loads, less time spent on spam blacklists, better security and actual expert advice compared to other Hosting businesses.

We use CloudLinux, a Linux distribution built for Hosting servers. The result is better performance and better security for every website we host. We use an IBM Data Center and raid enabled solid state hard drives.

Our performance is independently monitored by Uptime Robot.

2022 marks 25 years hosting websites on the internet!

Cloud Hosting

Our Cloud Hosting Package is paid for MONTHLY. This allows you to change your Hosting configuration within 24 hours (just email us). Need more space? Within 24 hours you have more space. The other great thing about our cloud hosting is that you only pay for what you need. This means we can give you a better price on Hosting. Why pay for things you dont need!

Cloud 1 - This is our least expensive option. It is great if you only want to use email and/or you only want a simple HTML website. Price is just $8 per month.

Cloud 2 - This gives you a database and enough resources to run ecommerce software such as OpenCart or have a database driven website such as Wordpress. Price is just $14.50 per month.

Extra email boxes are 50 cents, extra 500mb space is $1.50. You can also add-on extra databases, sub-domains etc. You may send up to 100 emails per hour with 125 queued for the next hour after the first 100. If you wish to send more emails than this you need to look at our Virtual Dedicated Server.

Free Incusions -

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

When comparing prices, remember to compare managed prices. We do not offer unmanaged VPS because you really don't want the headaches.

We recommend you contact us before ordering - so we can make sure that a VPS is suitable.

Register an Australian Domain Name

You can register domain names at our sister site provides a fully automated domain name service.

That's pretty much everything you want to do with a Domain Name.

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